What is the Health Leaders Research Congress (HLRC)?

HLRC is a two-day conference hosted annually by Science Impact Ltd.

As part of an international portfolio of Science Impact events hosted annually in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, HLRC 2018 offers delegates the opportunity to hear from and interact with thought leaders and practitioners in health research, policy and practice, who are all working to address global health challenges.

Attended by leading academic staff, healthcare industry, researchers, policy makers, funding agency leaders, NGOs, the private sector, health providers and practitioners, and government representatives, the congress offers a perfect opportunity to network, partner, learn and collaborate to drive collaboration in bench to bedside research.


Each year, HLRC offers the best case studies, most important policy developments and an opportunity to network with other delegates who are aiming to build global partnerships in health research, or implement the latest research results with their patients or hospitals.

Only the most dynamic and relevant keynotes, speakers and case studies are selected to be part of the two-day agenda. The programme is filled with thought-provoking addresses, high-level panel discussions and in-depth case studies, along with informative posters and exhibitions.

All proceedings, presentations and posters from the congress are published online and are completely open access.


Who is Science Impact?

Science Impact provides dissemination and knowledge transfer services to deliver impact and engagement for research, academia and industry.

Drawing on decades of experience in the research and communications field, our staff possess expertise in editorial, creative, design, and event and project management.

We understand the challenges involved in creating and demonstrating impact and engagement for research projects and universities, and our staff has delivered dissemination and knowledge transfer services to over 3000 projects and researchers. Whether you have a small nationally funded grant or a large multinational project, our range of services and support will help you to create and demonstrate impact for your project through dissemination and knowledge transfer, whether via print, web, events or digital media.